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Signing Up
Joining the Guild
A Tour Around Frontier (And Other Video Guides)
In-Game Chat
Useful Links
Equipment Box
Using the search function
Quest Objectives
Element & Status

Signing up

First of all, check the System Requirements.
Make an account here (note: Only the first step is required.), go here to download the game.
Please note: for the launcher to start, you will need to change your timezone to GMT+08:00 Taipei
The game is free to play until HR99, click here for more specifics. If you want to get a subscription, follow the video guide below, made by our guildmember, Ekmort :)

Joining the Guild

To join our guild, go to the right in the city, until you come across this grumpy guy:

Talk to him, select first option, first again, then 3rd, write 'Cappuccino' and press enter. Confirm a bunch of more screens, and you're set!

A Tour Around Frontier (And Other Video Guides)

More video guides:
Menu translation and some shops
Quest guide
Monster materials


In-Game Chat

To access the chat, press 'Ins' on your keyboard, or press both bottom shoulder buttons on your controller. Hold shift on your keyboard, or the top left shoulder button on your controller, and press the up/down arrow key on your keyboard, or up/down on the d-pad of your controller to navigate public chats.Press left or right for private chats, or click someone's name in the chat.

City Chat
Guild Chat
Alliance Chat
Global Chat

To filter the chat, click on these icons in the top left of the chat:

From left to right:
Global Chat
City Chat
Guild Chat
Alliance Chat
Quest Chat
Private Chat
Quest advertisements

Useful Links

MHFG English Info Excellent in-depth guide for MHFG TW.
Newbie Guide for the Korean version, but still useful.
Furniture Guide for the Korean version, but still useful.
Menu Translations for the Korean version, but still useful.
Controller configuration Guide for the Korean version, but still useful.
Farm Guide for the Korean version, but still useful.
Rasta Guide.
Monster & Armor Skill Translations.
List of Helpful Guides & References.
Chinese Wiki all sorts of useful information. Use Google to translate if necessary.
Gathering Quick Reference Guide.
Material Quick Reference Guide.
Miscellaneous Quick Reference Guide.
HR100+ Material Quick Reference Guide.
HC Material Quick Reference Guide.
G rank Material Quick Reference Guide.
Recipe List.
Featured Weapon Effects.
MHwiki Frontier Forum.
Monster Hunter Frontier News.

Equipment Box

  1. Pouch
  2. Item Box
  3. Equipment
    1. Equip Armor
      1. Quest Armor
      2. Town Armor
      3. Rasta Armor
    2. Modify Armor
    3. Equip Armor Set
      1. Quest Armor
      2. Town Armor
    4. Save Armor Set
    5. Show Town Armor
    6. Set Color
    7. Caravan Skills
    8. SR Management
  4. Move
    1. Item Box
    2. Equipment Box
  5. Sell
    1. Item Box
    2. Equipment Box
  6. Preset Pouch
    1. Load Pouch
    2. Save Pouch
  7. Combine
    1. Combine 2 items
    2. Combine 3 items
    3. Combination List


Using the search function

When looking for a specific quest, you can use the green option to search.
  1. Text search
  2. Monster names
  3. Location
  4. Species
  5. Hunter Rank
  6. Quest Flags
  7. Hunter Rank Points
  8. Zenny
  9. Text search


逆鱗 plate
鱗 scale
之刃 blade
爪 claw
牙 fang
角 horn
皮 pelt
骨 bone
骨髓 bone marrow
鬍鬚 beard
血 blood
背甲 carapace
耳 ear
眼 eye
脂 fat
鰭 fin
毛 fur
腮 gill
頭 head
膜 membrane
苔 moss
嘴 mouth
尾 tail
淚 tear
舌 tongue
殼 shell
刺 spike
棘 spine
翼 wing
晶 crystal
石 ore
袋 sac
珠 pearl
玉 ruby
液 fluid
精華 juice
油 oil
肝 liver
肉 meat
腳 foot
鉗 pincer
糞 dung
魚 fish
草 herb
蟲 insect
香菇 mushroom


密林 jungle
沙漠 desert
沼澤 swamp
雪山 snowy mountains
火山 volcano
樹海 ancient forest
高地 highlands
塔 the tower
森丘 forest and hills
峽谷 canyon
潮島 tide island
花田 flower field
極海 polar sea
戰鬥小鎮 town
迎擊據點 interceptor base
要塞 fortress
大鬥技場 arena
決戰場 battlefield

Quest Objectives

上繳 deliver
狩獵 hunt
討伐 kill
捕獲 capture
擊退 repel
破壞 break
切斷 cut
釣起 fish


溫暖期 warm season
寒冷期 cold season
繁殖期 breeding season

白天 daytime
夜晚 nighttime

Element & Status

火 fire
水 water
雷 thunder
冰 ice
龍 dragon

毒 poison
痺 paralysis
眠 sleep



通 normal
貫 pierce
散 pellet
徹 crag
擴 cluster

捕 tranq (shot)
染 paint (shot)
鬼 demon
硬 defense


強 power (coatings)
爆 explosive (coatings)
連射 normal arrows
貫通 pierce arrows
擴散 scatter arrows


通常 normal
放射 long
擴散 scatter